Large Plant Tag

Durable and robust

Large Plant Tag Features

Attached using a cable tie or split ring or can even be screwed or bolted in place, the Large Plant Tag is a versatile identification and inspection tag.

  • The design of this tag makes it suitable for use on medium to large static items such as motors and pumps but also on portable equipment such as air or gas cylinders.
  • The large printable area and the fact that the tag can be printed on both sides, allows the large plant tag to carry almost as much information as its stable mate the Easitag.
  • In common with all our tags the Large Plant Tag can be marked in situ with the all-weather marker pen.
  • 61mm (width) x 82mm (length)

Printing Options Available

TopTags-id supply tags either plain or printed.

A large printable area ensures the Large Plant tag can display a lot of information. Using the traffic light colour options available, this tag is designed to display the operational status of any item of equipment to which it is attached.

Using modern laser etching technology ensures that any print is a permanent feature of the tags. Information, for example a test date or serial number, cannot be altered or tampered with as it is part of the body of the tag, not superimposed onto the surface as in normal printing. It remains legible even after exposure to some of the harshest conditions, for the lifetime of the tag.

If required the tags can be printed on both sides. We offer a free proofing service and will use our extensive knowledge of Industrial tagging requirements to help set out and design the tag to your specification.

Company logos can be incorporated into the tag design but incur a one-off set up charge of £80 – £100.

Large Plant Tag colour options
Bulk Discount


100 - 999 Tags

£ 0.45 per tag
  • £0.10 printing per side

1000+ Tags

£ 0.42 per tag
  • £0.10 printing per side
  • Company logos can be incorporated into the tag design but incur a one-off set up charge of £80 – £100.